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A better day, thank goodness. Sort of average+. Slept well! Did some cooking, read my book, watched the Barbie movie and utterly loved it. Sharp and funny and curiously deep. Amazing set design and costuming.

(But isn’t Ryan Gosling a little old to play Ken? Isn’t that, like, one of the things we’re fighting against — older actors being paired with younger actresses? But that’s literally my only complaint.)

I ate barely anything yesterday but today I did better. Realized if I skip breakfast that leads to zero appetite later, oddly enough. So I made a small smoothie this morning and then was able to eat two kiwi fruits and a big bowl of popcorn while watching the movie, a small bowl of homemade chickpea/tomato/cauliflower curry over rice for dinner, and I have my sliced crunchy green apple and goat cheese for a bedtime snack.

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