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Mood better tonight because different strategy today. Instead of getting up, doing stuff, getting exhausted, and going back to bed at noon all sad, I got up, made my breakfast smoothie, and went back to bed to read. I conserved my energy until my grocery delivery got here in the afternoon and THEN I used my One Daily Spoon to make myself a nice meal. Tofu Pad Thai For One! Rice noodles, tofu, broccoli, red bell pepper, an egg, bean sprouts, peanuts, sauce, lime juice, cilantro. Not quite like restaurant pad Thai but also WAY LESS SALTY and still quite tasty! Kind of a pain in the butt, with making the sauce and having all the ingredients prepped and ready to go before you start cooking, but I’ll be more streamlined next time. I can scramble the egg in the pan, for example, instead of whisking in a little bowl. Also the “For One” recipies from make two Kara Servings, so tomorrow’s lunch is already taken care of. I cut the sugar in the sauce by 2/3 so I’ll add a bit more to my leftovers and see how that is.

I ordered like six different kinds of crackers in my grocery delivery. Lol. Cheese and crackers is my new Appetizing Thing, apparently.

My body is still so heavy, and walking is a huge effort… walking around less means I notice less, though I know that is the worst possible thing for me to do. I need to walk more or it will only get harder. Maybe my darn PT people will get back to me next week and give me even gentler exercises.

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  1. Henry

    The pad tai sounds delicious!

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