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New York Times!!!

So! Now that is working again and I can reliably create a post, here’s a link to the NY Times article about LibriVox that was published today:
Public Domain Books, Ready for Your iPod

To misquote Larry David: “Pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty cool!”

Dan was up early, went out and bought the paper, and left our story on the bed for me to find when I woke up :)

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  1. kara

    (originally posted on my temporary blog by jean claude)

    I enjoyed Mr. Silverman’s article and the picture of you and your son in the Times. I am so interested in your voluntary activity. A Japanese senior citizen, I hope that a Japanese version of LibriVox will be founded.

  2. Chloe

    Yay! You’re awesome, where can we get a copy of the paper from yesterday???

  3. kara

    Oh, I can make you a copy, just remind me :)

  4. Kathy

    That was a great article! Very cool, Kara! And I loved the picture. I

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