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Our Island Story, ch. 6-15

Oops. Let’s catch up, shall we? :)

Our Island Story, chapters 6 – 15:

The Last of the Romans
The Story of St. Alban
Vortigern and King Constans
The Coming of Hengist and Horsa
Hengist’s Treachery
How the Giant’s Dance was Brought to Britain
The Coming of Arthur
The Founding of the Round Table
Gregory and the Pretty Children
How King Alfred Learned to Read
(though there’s really no need to depend on my memory… you can get the entire first half of the book by following this link: Our Island Story, Part 1)

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  1. Maggie Hovey

    Kay-I can’t get your podcasts anymore! I just got a new computer and transferred over all my itune stuff and now the silly thing is telling me it can’t find your podcast on your server. Is it my computer set up or is the podcast gone?


  2. kara

    *ahem* we’re having some interesting server problems today and my podcast.xml disappeared. But thanks to you, I found out quickly and can restore from a server backup. It *should* be working again within half an hour. If it’s not back by tomorrow morning, will you let me know? :)

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