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Pasting in old posts

I tried several different methods of importing my posts into wordpress.  None worked.  But there are only 24 or so blogger posts so I’ve started pasting them in by hand.  I’m keeping the timestamps exactly the same as the original posts.  I’d hate to rewrite such important history.

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  1. Annie

    Hey Kara! Just thought I’d pop in and say I love the new blog, I like having your daily activities dropped right into my FeedReader every day! Take care.

  2. Kristin

    Yay, now I can comment! If there’s a feature you’re wanting or missing in WordPress, just ask and I can probably find a plug-in for it.

    I like the colors! :)

  3. hugh

    …and much nicer to come to a wordpress blog than blogger!

    looks very good.

  4. kara

    Thanks! Glad y’all like it. WordPress is awesome! So fun to use!

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