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Forgot to give you my pandora profile:

What’s yours? :)

Did I mention that I paid for a yearlong ad-free subscription? Not that the ads were that bothersome, not at all, but mostly I just want to support these guys who, if they’re like any other internet startup, are probably losing money. Go, pandora, go!

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  1. Sue

    Nothing to do with this particular post, but I’ve just finished listening to “The Little Princess” downloaded from iTunes and am now downloading “The Secret Garden”. I think you read really well and I love your voice, very relaxing! Thank you for taking the time to do this…I love listening to audiobooks and am very grateful.

    Sue (Luton, England)

  2. kara

    Thank you, Sue :)

  3. Sue

    Me again…sorry. Can’t seem to find The Secret Garden files either through the links here or on iTunes. Nor Heidi. Can you help me?
    Thanks :)

  4. kara

    Yes, sorry, you can find them all here:

    And I’ve made it so Heidi’s in the podcast now :)

  5. Chris Thomson

    Thank you for your inspiring and excellent work. Your reading of The Secret Garden has inspired and enriched the literacy and lives of two fourth grade classes here in Georgia. As an educator interested in inspiring a love of books I read aloud often and persist in the belief that children follow along in their texts with excellent readers like yourself. Thank you for The Secret Garden. We could not have dealt with the difficult to imitate accents of the North of England without your expert interpretation. I consider myself a good reader–sans accents–and you have inspired me to start my own podcasts. Thanks again.

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