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Toe-up socks, cont.

This afternoon, Henry and I went to a really fun gathering of homeschoolers who like Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh. While the kids played, I got a lot of knitting done! Turned my heel and began the leg ribbing. Here are photos:

Snazzy, huh? :) I’ll probably work a solid-color ribbing band soon and stop.

Notes to self: work 9 white stripes, then start heel flap. Inc one st so heel-stitch looks nice. Work 4 rows per stripe, 3 stripes each color.  After third white stripe, turn heel in blue (6 st. each side).  Pick up side stitches with blue, dec at sides every other round back down to 44 st total.

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4 Responses to “Toe-up socks, cont.”

  1. Kristin

    What kind of toe did you do? It looks comfy :)

  2. kara

    It’s a nice toe :) I did the cast-on from here:
    denise’s toe-up socks but the “footed toe” shaping from here: footed, toe-up socks.

  3. beck

    Hey Kara!
    I’m a long-time listener first time commenter, also from the great hot sunny CA.
    I’ve actually been listening to your podcasts for only a few weeks and I’m loving it. I think LibriVox is SUCH an awesome idea and I would love to get involved. (Maybe I can use this as an excuse to get a new computer!) I totally enjoy listening to you and Annie.
    Oh yeah, nice socks. =)
    And are you homeschooling Henry? I have a soft spot for homeschoolers since I was for 9 years…

  4. kara

    Hi beck, glad you like the stories :) Yup, Henry’s been homeschooled/unschooled all his life, and I was a homeschooler too! Yay for homeschoolers!

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