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No more Google Browser Sync for me

A few months ago I installed a nifty Firefox extension called Google Browser Sync on all my computers. The premise is wonderful — the extension (theoretically) syncs passwords, cookies, history, and bookmarks between browsers on different machines. And most of the time, it works. However, on all three of my machines (an iBook, an iMac, and a Macbook Pro — all running the latest Firefox and the latest version of OS X) Google Browser Sync occasionally gets completely stuck and just sits there, claiming to be syncing but in reality permanently frozen. Or, sometimes it’ll claim that my upload is too large and that I should disable some components. Well, that’s fine, so I disable history and bookmarks and cookies, thinking that not having to remember my passwords is good enough. Nope, still it sticks and freezes, using up 70-90% CPU while it’s sitting there spinning. I solved this problem in difficult and round-about ways several times (deleting my Firefox profile, then copying over bits of it a little at a time worked once, I think) but it’s just broken AGAIN on my iMac and I’m fed up.

So long, Google Browser Sync. Become more stable and I’ll gladly reinstall you.

I found a bookmark syncing extension that actually WORKS:


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  1. Kristin

    I’m positive that there is at least an extension for that for your bookmarks.

  2. kara

    Good suggestion. I hunted around and found 4 or 5 different bookmark syncing extensions. I’m trying “Bookmark Sync and Sort” which ftps to a file on my own server. We’ll see how it works…

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