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Woke up around 4am, despite having taken 2mg Lunesta last night in the never-ending Quest for Enough Sleep. Lay in bed and listened to an entire episode of Loveline (Seth Green was the guest), realized I just wasn’t going to get back to sleep, and gave up trying. Time crept slowly past and it was eventually time to make breakfast (my favorite, well, the only breakfast that ever seems tempting: fresh fruit salad — banana, nectarine, strawberries — with plain yoghurt and granola mixed all together).

Then Henry’s dad picked him up, then I went with Dan to the dentist. Worked on my new green socks; ripped out my 3rd attempt (a twist-stitch pattern that I decided I didn’t like) and started a cable pattern instead. After dentist we ran a couple of errands, came back for lunch, which was leftover homemade burritos from last night. I learned how to make them from Hugh.

Then we headed down to Chloe’s house for a nice long visit! Dan fixed broken things and I installed Firefox on Chloe’s computer so she can see the Quicktags in her WordPress Write-a-Post, and we watched hilarious cat videos, ate pizza, talked, etc. Also watched part of Team America which was obscene and very very funny, though it got late and we didn’t quite get to the end. We love visiting them soooo much. Wish we could get together more often.

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  1. Kristin

    I must say that the yoghurt, fruit, and granola combination is a great one for breakfast. I like how it helps digestion, and is good and healthy. Most other breakfast foods are too heavy for me to eat too early.

  2. kara

    Yeah, when we don’t have good fruit, I usually just don’t eat breakfast. Which is bad! So I try really hard to keep good fruit around but with winter coming it’ll be hard. I guess I could just eat some granola and yoghurt…

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