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Green wool socks – in progress

Green Jawoll sock yarn, needles size 1.25mm (0000). Toe up. Cable pattern “Pretzel Braid” from Barbara Walker’s 3rd treasury of knitting patterns.

64 st. Round toe done from temporary cast on. White strings mark round 1 of 32-round cable rep. Instep gusset starts beginning of 3rd rep.

Notes to self, so the second sock is the same: Work instep gusset to round 20 of cable chart.  Then work little heel flap on 12 stitches, for 12 rows.  Pick up stitches on both sides of heel flap and work in rows, decreasing gusset stitches with ssk on right-side rows and p2tog on wrong side rows.  Dec to 72 st. total — I think I’ll need these extra 8 stitches in the leg.  Start working in rounds again on round 21 of cable chart.

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  1. carrie brenner

    Can I please get a copy of this pattern? Happy to pay. It is gorgeous.

  2. kara

    Hi Carrie,

    You don’t need to pay me :) Click on the image of the cable chart and print it out. (Or buy Barbara Walker’s book — it’s fantastic!) You could use it for either a toe-up or a toe-down sock. I got sick of this one and ripped the sock out and started over with something that required less thought, heheh. Let me know if you have any questions!

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