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The Odyssey

I’m sitting in Dan’s Fortress of Solitude right now, editing Book 20 of The Odyssey, which I recorded today, while he plays his new Tauren Druid in WoW. Busy day, let’s see… Henry and I went out first thing, bought a toothbrush for Dan, some flour, and TP at Stater Brothers. Then we went to the library to pick up the Henry’s book, which was sent from the other branch (one of the Deltora books that he loves so much), then to the mailbox place to pick up a fistful of bills and our new laser printer toner cartridge. Then to Trader Joe’s for many many groceries. Then home, and Henry hauled everything up the stairs for me and I put it all away and started some mushroom/barley soup in the crockpit. (Which turned out kind of gluey. Too much barley.)

Um, then what… Oh yeah I installed the new toner cartridge, we did some general housework together, and then I recorded Book 20 of The Odyssey and then we zipped off to Park Day out on the far side of Vista. Henry played and rode his bike and made balloon animals, and I read my book, Match Me If You Can, and played a bit of Harvest Moon. I took a plateful of leftover homemade burritos from last night’s dinner in case we got hungry, which we did.

Zipped home again, Henry had a snack and a drink and a shower, then off to karate where I finished my book (wonderfully entertaining!) and played a bit more Harvest Moon. Bought the Kitchen and planted a bunch of summer crops.

Henry’s dad picked him up from karate to spend the night, and I came home. Dan and I ate gluey soup and french bread with herbed cheese. Went downstairs to watch the episode of House that we wrongly assumed had been recorded on the TiVo last night. Guess stupid baseball preempted him. So we watched a Venture Brothers episode instead, and a VH1 interview with Neil Peart. And now here we are doing computery things together before bed. A very nice day. Soon I will eat a nice bowl of yogurt. A bowl of plain yogurt with granola or flax seed meal mixed in, eaten right before bed, seems to help me sleep.

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  1. Michelle

    I *think* there was no House this week. I panicked when I read this post, as it is one of our favorite shows, and it isn’t on the DVR for 10/3. I’m pretty sure this is the first week of a four-week break for baseball playoffs. See

    Good news = we didn’t miss House!
    Bad news = stupid baseball is making us miss House for four weeks!

  2. kara

    FOUR WEEKS?? That is unacceptable. I will beat the network people with a cane and stab them with hypodermics containing substances that may prove lethal and/or lifesaving.

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