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Second Honeymoon, by Johanna Trollope

Ok, a few days ago i went to the library and grabbed two books off the “New Books” shelf.  I read “Match me if you Can” first, and enjoyed it very much.  You can read about it in a previous post.

Yesterday I started “Second Honeymoon” by Johanna Trollope.  I’ve been reading it at every possible moment since I started it. So good. Dan asked me if it was “chick lit” and I said, no, “Match Me if You Can” was “chick lit” (not that there’s anything wrong with it) – this is REAL LIT! Second Honeymoon has one of those wonderful plots about an ordinary family and the things that happen to them.  Lots of wonderful details, believeable characters and situations.  All the little undercurrents that outsiders don’t notice.  Wonderful wonderful.  I’m sure to finish tonight, more’s the pity, and I only hope the library has more of her books.

“Match Me If You Can” was yummy candy.  “Second Honeymoon” is a delicious, warm, homemade dinner with mashed potatoes.

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  1. Rachel (rachelellen from librivox)

    I loved *Second Honeymoon*. It was the first Joanna Trollope book I read. I remember reading that first bit when she feels all at sea with the house empty of kids and having a minor epiphany.

  2. kara

    Oh, I loved it too. And I got another of hers (The Best of Friends) from the library and read it in a day :) Thanks for reminding me — I’ll blog about it tomorrow!

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