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Massive Data Entry

Woke up feeling kinda sick, like I was on the verge, or just over the verge, of a sore throat.  My throat felt stingy with I drank water.  So after I made breakfast I went back to bed for a while to rest, and then I got up and went grocery shopping.  And forgot to buy frozen strawberries, BAH.  Henry felt tired todeay (up too late ast night) but he still the carried groceries in for me. And then we lay on the couch all day.  We put on The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra for entertainment.

When we started to feel moldy we went out in the backyard and I soaked up some nice autumn sun while he watered the plants and played with an old dog toy.  I worked on LibriVox’s massive data entry project all day, too. We’ve got this wonderful new catalog system.  Dan built the foundation while we were in Montreal at Hugh’s house, and Chris and Kri have been adding features, fixing bugs, and making it pretty and user-friendly for the last two months.

We’re just about ready to go live so we need to plug all the existing completed projects (there are 300-ish, I believe) into the system.  And since we have this awesome system for keeping track of readers and chapters we needed to get all the known readers’ forumnames, catalog names, and personal urls into the system as well.  Which is what I did today. Basically I took this info: and copied and pasted everything into the new system, fixing errors at the same time.
So it was nice to have something so dull and repetetive and non-challenging to work on today.

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  1. Chloe

    I hope you feel better! Bob didn’t feel good today either.

    Thank you for the loveline webpage… I listen to “no guest” episodes every day!

  2. kara

    Do you listen to Stryker or Adam? Probably Adam :) But you should learn to love Stryker! He’s adorable. There was a good Jeff Probst episode a few days ago. I feel a lot better today (Thursday). I hope Bob does too.

  3. Chloe

    I’ve been listening to Adam! The part of the show I like is Adam freaking out about stuff… Stryker isn’t annoying or anything, but from what I have heard he might as well not be there. He doesn’t seem interesting.

    Glad to hear that you’re feeling better!

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