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I love Visine.  I just love it.  I’ve used up half of Dan’s bottle already.  My eyes only feel a little bit dry now, and not painful anymore.  But I keep dousing them with Visine anyway ’cause it feels soooooooo good.

I felt fine today!  The sore throat which threatened me yesterday never came to fruition.  So today I recorded five more sections of the poetry book, and ran errands, and took myself to the library.  And worked on the librivox catalog system of course. Here’s a peek at our new searchable catalog – it’s not finished yet and we haven’t entered even half the data yet, but you can get an idea:

Did I ever mention the LibriVox Community Podcast?  One of the best things about LibriVox is the people. We have the nicest, most helpful, most civilized online community in existance.  Really.  It’s amazing how well we all get along! Recently someone (Jim?) decided it would be fun to get together and do a podcast for and about our community.  Some of the folks have been taking turns creating a weekly (more or less) podcast which is so much fun to listen to!  Sometimes there are interviews with random volunteers, usually there are bloopers, there’s a listing of newly-released works, etc.  And they just chat about the goings-on behind the scenes and stuff.   I look forward to it very much.  I recommend you copy and paste this feed into your podcatching software:

Or just go to and download the individual episodes:

There are some running jokes, you might say, so I suggest you start with the first episode and listen in order.  In the most recent episode, the host, ducttapeguy, featured bits of actual singing from some of our books.  You’ll hear me singing “Twinkle Twinkle Little Bat” from Alice in Wonderland, “The Doxology” from The Secret Garden, and “The Boar’s Head Carol” from our upcoming Christmas carol collection. And lots of other people who can actually SING ;-)

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  1. Jim Hartney

    Hello KayRay,

    Just a note to let you know I enjoyed your reading of Chapter 2 of “Alice Through the Looking Glass”. I visited your website/blog and from it retrieved some other info on Librivox and Gutenberg Project.

    Even though I’m 59 YOA I enjoy Lewis Carrol and even good old “Uncle Remus”. I listened to complete books by each as well as “Walden Pond” during the last few weeks. Keep up the good work.

    I had to memorize “Jabberwocky” in high school English and can recall it verbatim even today some 42 years later.

    I have a website concerning my Christmas Putz and early American toy train collection if you care to visit.


    Martinez, CA

  2. kara

    ‘Twas brillig and the slithy toves…

    Thanks for the nice comment, Jim! Glad you’re enjoying the audiobooks. I’ll definitely read your site in detail later. I’m fascinated by the history of Christmas customs and I like toy trains a lot too :)

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