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Busy busy day. And I had a rather bad headache all day, but still I got a lot done! Karate in the morning, and then on the way home we shopped for costume supplies. Henry’s going to be a dragon. He and his dad went to Costume Castle and bought a big purple and green latex dragon head, and we’re going to make wings and a tail and spines and stuff, built on a navy-blue sweat suit. He’s got the pants already, and we found a sweatshirt at Target for $3.66. Bought purple and green felt and some extra stuffing for the tail — total was like $11 or so. We want to get some stick-on claws at the costume store but we were too hungry so we came home.

We had to be at Bayshore early for photo day, so Henry made himself a PB&Banana sandwich and I gathered up his Mythology notebook and my laptop and then we dashed away to Bayshore. Got his photo taken, and then waited around for classes to start. Nice teenage computer helper at the school gave me the wireless password so I could get some work done while I was waiting, yay! Mark finished his recording of Uncle Remus, but I’d stupidly missed the fact that his id3 tagging scheme was not quite The Thing, so I had to re-tag all 40-some files, which took a loooooooong time. So it was lucky I had those two hours + laptop + wireless. Entered all the required info into the system and started the Big Upload to, then cross-checked Betsie’s 250-file poetry project for her, and by then it was time to head home again.

Little Toddler Colin (young sibling of Sal’s piano student) was waiting for Henry when we drove up. His mom said she offered to read him a story in the car while they were waiting but he demanded that they wait on the steps until Henry got there. I fixed H a plate of lunch and he sat with Toddler Colin and his mom and chatted. My 3pm student cancelled, thank goodness, so I just lay on the bed and rested. Henry came to keep me company after Colin had left, and we talked and did some math together. Fun :) And then Matthew came to pick him up for the evening, and I just lay around and did more tidying up at LibriVox. Made the catalog page for Uncle Remus, added stuff that belonged on the “To Come” page and took stuff off that was finished. I’m bad about remembering those steps :)

Then Dan got home and built his new chair while I rested some more, and then I made dinner. Then bedtime and Survivor. Ahh, so soothing.

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  1. Gina

    Heya! Pb and banana sandwiches are my favorite! Especially if they’re grilled. Henry should try that, though I’m not sure if you’re letting him use the stove yet.
    Ah, and i hope his costume turns out well. :)
    Glad ya’re doing well. BTW, I’m listening to your reading of “Heidi. I read the book when I was younger, but didn’t pay much attention to it as well as I should have. Talk to you soon!

  2. kara

    Wow… Grilled, eh? Yes he can use the stove if I’m near. I’ll see what he says about grilled PB&B :)

    Glad you’re enjoying Heidi! Great book. I’ll post pictures of Henry’s costume when it’s finished. Coming along nicely so far!

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