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It’s hot.

It’s hot, 89 degrees Fahrenheit in Oceanside right now.  And dry, too. Bah.  Where’s winter?

Got up, fixed oatmeal with raisins for everyone, took Dan to his eye appointment, came home and got our voting stuff, went to the polls.  I made them give me an actual fill-in-the-bubble paper ballot, but Dan says the Diebold electronic thingy was better than last year (well I mean the way he described it sounded better than the machine I used last year, which was wretched). It printed out a paper slip showing his votes. The machine kept the slip, but at least he got to see that it was recording his vote correctly.
Came home, fetched Henry (he’s recovering from a sore throat so we stayed home from Karate this morning) and went grocery shopping.  I wish I could say I “did the marketing”  or that I “went to the market”  but I was raised saying “grocery shopping” and it’d be weird to change.  One of the guests on Loveline the other night was talking about “going to the market” and it just sounds so nice and old-fashioned.

Anyway, did the shopping, got the mail (new Macworld, yay, and the car insurance bill, boo), came home.  Henry hauled the groceries in and I put them away, and then we did  little bit of subtraction together and started writing out a big multiplication chart.  Then I made lunches for people, then I read for a little bit, then I drove out to pick up a package for Dan that had been delivered to his work.  It was nice to get out by myself for a bit.

Then home, more house chores, email etc.  Then piano student, who seemed actually to have practiced last week! Yay!

It’s hot.  I really need to vacuum the whole house but it’s too hot, so I’ll do it later when the sun goes down.

Chloe invited me to go to a band rehearsal on Thursday so I’m all excited about that!  I hope I don’t get Henry’s sore throat before then.

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  1. ann

    Hi Kay. I found you through librovox and enjoy reading your blog. I play you stories, especially for my two-year old grandson when it is time to ‘rest legs’. He loves Secret Garden.

    Anyway, the point of this comment is that down here, Mississippi, and in Louisiana, some people say they are going to ‘make groceries’.

  2. kara

    Hi Ann — so glad you and your grandson like the audiobooks. Keep playing wonderful literature for him while he’s little and he’ll get hooked!

    I love “make groceries” — hooray for our wonderful regional dialects!

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