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I did a lot of stuff today. Hmm, let’s see… Well, after the normal morning stuff, (feeding people, morning chores, email, etc) Henry and I went out to buy turtle food. We had a list of other errands to do, but then I remembered that I had a make-up lesson to teach at 10, so we went home. After the lesson I did more housework and Henry played his guitar and bass for a long time. He worked more on “Shine On You Crazy Diamond” (on guitar), and “The End” from Abbey Road (on the bass). And then when he was ready we went to the hobby store for Dan, then back to Trader Joe’s for ricotta, ice cream, eggs, vitamin water, etc. Then to Stater Brothers for straws and prescription stuff.
Then home. We put everything away and grabbed a bite to eat and then played World of Warcraft together for a couple of hours. He played his level-14 night elf warrior, Naronda, and I played my level-14 dwarf Priest, Kayrayovac, and we did Darkkshire quests. You know, the Red Crystal, the Cliffspring Sample, killing the rabid bears, talking to that dude up north across the bridge, etc. It was lots of fun to do those lowbie quests that we already know by heart :) We both leveled, too.

Then I did 4 recordings — a chapter of The Middle Temple Murder, a chapter of How To Speak and Write Correctly, and two sections of poetry, and then I did moree housework and made a lasagna for dinner. Maybe I’ll post my recipe tomorrow. It’s really easy — you don’t bother to cook the noodles or the spinach and it turns out just fine.

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  1. Kathy

    Post that recipe!!!

  2. kara

    You got it :)

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