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We have a few volunteers who are artistically/graphically inclined. They’ve been making CD cover art to go with some of our audio books. Wonderful designs! Tonight I finally collected all the artwork pdfs, made 150x150px thumbnail jpgs and 300×300 Album Art jpgs (I’m obsessed with adding Album Art to iTunes lately), and uploaded everything to one nice project on, with links back to the recordings and everything. Take a look:

Don’t those nice graphics just make you want to download a book and burn it to a cd and make a spiffy jewel-case insert for it? Why, that’d make a fine Christmas present for someone, don’t you think? :) At the bottom of the wiki page that Seth made,, you’ll find sources for library-style cd cases, so you don’t have to put a ten-cd book in ten individual cases, you know?A big thank-you to Seth and Ted, who made all this art for us AND released it into the public domain for everyone to enjoy!

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  1. Chris

    That’s a nice idea for presents. I am not good at the graphic design so it’s good to see someone else doing it for me :0)

  2. Gina

    Oh, those sovers seem neat, are they the covers of the books or would that be breaking copyright laws, and all?
    Talk to ya soon!

  3. kara

    Oh hey Gina – these are covers that are created especially for our books. Yeah, taking copyrighted art would be a no-no :) The artists take public-domain images or their own artwork and create wonderful cd-covers that suit the books perfectly. Maybe I can describe some of them for you, though I don’t know if I’ll do a very good job :)

    The artwork for Beowulf shows the hilt of a sword superimposed over a dark and ancient manuscript, with the title in white in an old-fashioned font.

    Tom Sawyer shows a picket fence which has been half-whitewashed, and has the title in red graffiti-style script as if it has been painted onto the fence.

    The one for the collection of Edgar Allan Poe’s works is quite spooky. It’s a photo of Poe’s face, but only half of his face shows, as if he is peeking around the left edge of the CD.

    Very creative, all of them!

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