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Bond, James Bond

We just got home from seeing Casino Royale. I enjoyed it very much! Daniel Craig, the new James Bond, is the best since Sean Connery. Maybe (gasp) better. There’s nothing pretty about him and he’s quite, um, attractive :) *fans self* He seemed to give Bond quite a bit more personality than usual.

This was one of the best Bond movies I’ve seen. There were not more explosions or chase scenes than the plot could handle, though there were plenty, as expected. The dialogue was believable and non-cheesy. I loved the camera work and the grainy B&W opening sequence. Yum. The last few Bond movies I’ve seen just seemed silly most of the time. (Remember the Ice Palace? Remember the Tank Chase? Remember Bond falling FASTER than a plummeting airplane?) This one did not seem silly at all, though there were several laugh-out-loud humorous moments. It was extremely violent, so don’t take your kids :) But for 2 1/2 hours of good solid spies-and-bad-guys entertainment I recommend it!

Oh I almost forgot — the opening credits/titles/whatever they’re called (I’m too tired to think of the right name) were creative and beautiful!

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  1. Michelle

    Oh, yes, Daniel Craig was AWESOME…! Can I borrow your hand fan when you’re done?! We saw it Saturday. I thought it was a great movie, and a great “reboot” of the Bond franchise. Seemed like a lot more plot than there’s been in the last few Bond films.

  2. kara

    Heehee! Daniel Craig… *swoons* Did you love love love the scene when he comforted Vesper in the shower? *melt*

    Y’know, very often I feel cheated when I go to the movies, like I was swindled out of my $8 and 2 hours… but not this time! And usually when I think about the movie I just saw, I think about all the things they should have done better. And I almost NEVER want to see a movie in the theater a second time. I think I’d actually go see this one again, given a chance and a free ticket ;-)

    And Judi Dench! So glad they kept her on as M. She’s perfect. At the end of the credits it said “James Bond Will Return” or something. Hope Judi returns too!

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