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Right Ho, Jeeves

Slept until 10:30, amazing! Dan and I sat on the sofa in our jammies with our laptops for hours and hours today, very lazy and relaxing. We went through the 300 photos he took at the gig last night, separating out the interesting ones, and I did LibriVox work and started editing my recording of Barchester Towers, chapter 11.

This evening we watched the first episode of “The IT Crowd” but it was just stupid so I don’t think we’ll be watching any more of it. I heard a lot of good things about it, but I guess that “Green Wing” and “The Office” have spoiled us and we can’t watch stupid sitcoms anymore.

Our reader Mark has completed another Jeeves and Wooster book — this time a whole novel, rather than a collection of short stories. Download it (for free!) here:

It’s a classic, featuring Madeline Bassett, Tuppy Glossop, Cousin Angela, Gussie Finknottle, and assorted Aunts :) I think Mark does a great job reading Wodehouse. Henry and I will be listening to this one tomorrow, for sure.

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  1. Kathy

    I’m listening to Right Ho Jeeves it while I do my cross-stitching. The reader does do a great job! Before that, I was listening to Our Island Story, and you do a super job with that, Kara!

  2. kara

    Glad you like the Wodehouse! If you want to leave the reader some nice feedback, you could post it here:

    And it’s nice to know that someone besides me enjoyed the history book ;-)

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