Mastodon Dec. 6 (Wednesday) —

Dec. 6 (Wednesday)

Christmas crafts at Margaret’s
multiplication table
science podcast (light)
grammar (prepositional phrases)

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  1. Kim

    Got any multiplication tips? Songs? Podcast ideas? We’re still stuck on those dang tables.

  2. Lydia

    Thought of you when I saw this:
    hmmm…research? Takes a lot of “research” to get to level sixty :)
    So here’s your educational justification for WOW-enjoy.

  3. kara

    Lydia, that’s a great article! Thanks :)

    Kim, we’re a little bit stuck too. Henry actually enjoys doing math, but rote memorization is so boring and we can’t progress much until he knows those tables. The best tool we’ve found is a game call TimezAttack. It’s for PC only, so far, but they’re working on a Mac clone. You can download it free at Warning: annoying video demo starts loading immediately. But the game is pretty fun and a good way to learn those dull tables by heart.

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