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Visit to B, C, and C

Woke up around nine, not quite enough sleep considering how late we stayed up last night. Lazed around on the couch doing nothing. Finally figured out how to get our Wii to let us message our friends’ Wiis, and trade Miis, etc. BOTH parties must register each other as friends. Liwii registered me, I registered him, and voila — we were able to trade Miis and send messages! It’s different when you want to register a friend with a regular email address — you register him, and he gets an email asking if it’s ok for you to message him. So now I don’t have to obsess over this anymore.

Dan woke up eventually, I fixed him eggs, and he played Twilight Princess until Henry got home, and then we went down to visit Bob and Chloe and Celia. We brought along the Wii and we all had a lot of fun playing. I’ve become very fond of the bowling game, surprisingly! And we played a lot of music, too. Bob showed me some simple patterns to play on the drums and he played along with me on the bass, which was wildly fun!

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  1. Ninon Anderson

    thank you for the neat purse pattern…(Kara’s Gingham Purse Tutoria). The only change I will make is adding a zipper…I had my purse picked once and since then I use only purses with zippers…they are harder to pick pocked to get into.

    Truro, NS

  2. kara

    A zipper is a good idea! I’d love to see a photo when you’re done :)

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