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Handmade Christmas Presents

Now that there are no surprises to spoil, here’s a round-up of a bunch of stuff I made for people for Christmas:

A knotwork bookmark in cross-stitch, for Henry. I drew the knot, translated it into chart-form (using Andy Sloss’s awesome book) and worked it while watching two movies and a couple of episodes of Seinfeld one night when I was home alone:

I drew and embroidered this knot onto a pillowcase for Dan (and I gave him a new pillow to put in the pillowcase):

I designed and made this hooded cloak for Henry. He chose the fabric — a green linen blend for one side, and a soft brown plaid flannel for the other side. The cloak reverses from Elven to Celtic. I put a silver knotwork button at the throat. It’s cut in gores so it flows and hangs nicely:

Henry and I were driving around, planning presents for people. I suggested a Dark Side of the Moon T-shirt for Sally, and Henry said he thought we could MAKE one for her. So I bought a plain black T-shirt, blew up the Dark Side logo nice and large, and traced it off my laptop screen onto thin paper (carefully!), then transferred it to the fabric. I backed the design area with a scrap of woven cotton to keep the stretching and puckering under control, and worked the design in a quilting hoop. It’s outline stitch with split-stitch filling the colored areas.

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  1. Rachel (rachelellen from librivox)

    You are just plain amazing. I am in awe of those knots. I won’t say “you DREW those?” because you just said you drew them and I hate when people say “you MADE that?” to me when I’ve just told them I made something. :) But wow. What a talent.

  2. kara

    Hehehe, thanks :) They’re really fun and rather soothing to draw! Find a copy of Andy’s book and you can draw knots to your heart’s content. His method is easier to learn than any other I’ve found.

  3. TulipGirl

    I’m just amazed at the elven/celtic cloak. Now, my boys are much younger, but the “elven cloaks” I gave them a couple of years ago were simply fabric squares that were not even hemmed. (Sewing is. . .beyond me. . .) But, oh, what an amazing cloak you made!

  4. Kathy

    Beautiful work, Kara! Wow! Henry looks super in his cloak, too!

  5. Kristin

    Great Christmas presents :) I love the knots too. I had an obsession in my teens with celtic knotwork/art and history/mythology.

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