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Cold Snap

We are having crazy cold weather here in Southern California, along with the rest of the country I guess.  When we drove home from San Diego last night the car told us it was 35 degrees out, and our bedroom was 59 when we went to bed.  Brr!   I wore my wool sweater and scarf and fingerless gloves and hat, and two pairs of wool socks, all day today (in the house) and was still chilly.  We don’t have central heating right now because we’re waiting for SDG&E to come out and tell us if it’s safe or not.  Even when we DO have it, it really only heats one room of the house, heheh.

Recorded the last five sections of the poetry book today, but still need to edit/proof them.

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  1. Kristin

    Wow, that’s pretty average for weather here this time of year :) We’ve been having insanely WARM weather at 39-49 degrees. Crazy! It’s supposed to drop by Wednesday though. I’m hoping to be done my knitted winter hat by then!

  2. Derek

    I came across your blog when I was looking for sewing stuff online. It was a rather odd chain of links, now that I think about it, that led me here but I’m fascinated. I feel a little guilty for reading your blog, since I feel like I’m reading a stranger’s diary, however I felt it was necessary to comment and let you know I think you seem like a very interesting person. I’m not going to say a lot more for fear of making me seem like some sort of deranged stalker. Although, I’m in Saskatchewan, Canada and your comment about how cold your winter has been made me laugh a little because it’s a lot colder here. Our coldest day, so far this winter, was -49 degrees Fahrenheit! I can’t imagine living without central heating. Anyway, write back if you’ve got anything to say. Thanks for your time!

  3. kara

    Hi Derek — don’t by shy about reading my blog, that’s what it’s here for :) Glad you’re not a deranged stalker. Have fun, stay warm, heheh.

  4. Kristin

    Yeah Derek, you should never feel shy about reading someone’s blog. They’re online and public for a reason! Those that put up blogs generally WANT others to read it and comment as well.

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