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The Big Key

I’ve had headaches and mild nausea on and off since my eye exam. Strange. Yesterday the nausea was relatively unpleasant and I just lay on the couch and listened to loveline most of the day. Today it didn’t hit me till the afternoon and wasn’t very bad. Played a bit of LOZ:TP this morning after I did a bunch of housework/laundry/etc and got the Big Key in the Lakebed Temple (is that what it’s called?), but got horribly lost in an underwater maze and warped back to the entrance. Ready for the Boss tomorrow! Henry worked on his new Erector Set clock kit. He loves it so much! And the I took him to his Math Club meeting and he learned about probability while I sat in the car and knitted and listened to more loveline. Then home, more laundry, piano students, dinner prep, karate, dinner, and now I’m just lying around resting. Pretty tired, haven’t been sleeping well again, sigh.

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  1. wholesomedick

    Loveline is awesome when you have headaches. :)

  2. kara

    Loveline is awesome, period :)

  3. Michelle

    Re: LOZ:TP

    I know you are way ahead of me. Just last night, I got into the Goron Mines. I wanted to keep playing, but it was 10:30 and time for bed. I am ready to start that dungeon tonight! I sooooo love TP. I can’t wait till the Wii store comes out with LOZ:OoT. I haven’t checked it lately to see if it’s there, but when it is it should be fun. I never did complete that whole game on our N64… =)

  4. Michelle

    Oh, P.S. We still don’t have Paul McCartney. Would you mind sending him to us? Thanks! We have John, Ringo & George and they look so cool, lined up in our back row in the Wii Plaza.

  5. kara

    Paul is on his way :) I’m looking forward to OoT on the virtual console, too! I bought the GC version but it disappeared before I could finish.

  6. Bill Allred

    In your Jan. 22 entry, you talk about Henry working on his erector set clock kit. Would you be able to tell me where you got that kit and what it’s serial number is? Thanks.


  7. kara

    Hey Bill,
    We no longer have the kit, but I think it was this one:
    It was a gift, and I don’t know where the giver bought it, sorry.

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