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Oh lord.

Look what I found while googling:
Deluxe Sock Collection Kit (scroll down)
Sock Collection Book = $10
Three skeins of yarn =$52.50
total value of $62.50

Special Deluxe Kit price is

add $5.75 shipping

six socks

Look at those socks, just look at them! Imagine the warmth and beauty of that stranded Icelandic yarn! As the Yarn Harlot says, it’s such a bargain that it would be irresponsible and foolish NOT to buy it. However, I don’t have $65.75 right now so if you feel like surprising me with a really awesome present, feel free :)

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  1. Kristin

    Oh my gosh, they’re gorgeous!! I love that they’re in grey too, it really shows off the beauty of the stranded knitting.

  2. Annie

    Oh my goodness, they’re so cozy and beautifully old fashioned looking! I haven’t tried stranding yet and this may be the way to start…

  3. kara

    I’m obsessing about the heels. I’ve never seen heels like that, with those pretty ankle gussets. Looks like you’d knit the leg until the gussets are big enough, then put the front of the sock on a holder and knit back and forth across the bottom of the foot, picking up side-stitches as you go and eventually join with the front stitches for the foot, but I can’t make the numbers work out in my head. Seems like there’s be too many stitches and I don’t see any decreases! I’ll have to make a mock-up and see what actually happens to all those stitches.

  4. Kristin

    Hmm…here are a few pictures of heel examples:

    I can’t figure out if any of those seem to match.

  5. kara

    Nope, it’s none of those, as near as I can tell. That ankle gusset is unique! I spent quite a long time googling for various kinds of heels and never found anything even slightly similar to these. Tonight I’ll try to work up a fake heel based on what I *think* is going on, and see what happens :)

  6. Kathy

    They are beautiful.

  7. Annie

    How did the experimentation go last night Kara? The heels are very graceful, far less blocky looking than most hand knit sock patterns. I am going back and forth between trying to convince myself to buy this (Yarn Harlot logic, it would be unpractical to not buy it) and trying to convince myself to wait until I’m a bit better at these things. But then doesn’t the Yarn Harlot also say we should have at least one book or kit with patterns we think are too hard for us to inspire us?

  8. Kristin

    I say go for it Annie. I mean, that’s how you get better at things, by doing them! Why not get the pattern to try it, or perhaps at least to read over to get an idea of the skills you want to master first.

  9. kara

    Go for it, Annie!
    Haven’t had energy enough to fiddle with the heel mock-up…

  10. Annie

    I just realized that the farm that raises these sheep and sells the kit is in Missouri and then I saw your encouraging posts so I figured that was enough for me! They don’t accept credit cards so I emailed them for details on payment. I’ll keep you all updated.

  11. kara

    Ooooooo yes keep us posted!

  12. Kristin

    I just happened to be looking up toe-up sock heel patterns, and I found a couple patterns that reminded me of these socks. I wonder if it’s a toe-up heel done like the pages linked below explain…

  13. kara

    Hmm. The first pattern is an ordinary short-row heel. And the second has the gusset in the normal place (foot rather than ankle) as well. I don’t see that pretty triangular ankle gusset in any of those patterns. It’s like a mitten-thumb gusset… Maybe Annie will be able to fill us in on the general method of construction pretty soon :)

    I made a mock-up and got *something* like this heel, but I think I need to space the inc. rounds further apart. But it was close! I’ll try again.

  14. Kristin

    Yeah, I read through the instructions and realized they weren’t what the link pointing me to them said they were.

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