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Michael J. Nelson, of MST3K fame, has a site called

At, you can download Mike’s feature-length commentaries and listen to these “RiffTrax” in sync with your favorite, and not so favorite DVDs. It’s like watching a movie with your funniest friend. And it’s super easy to do! Just play the DVD and RiffTrax MP3 together and Voila! The Matrix, Star Wars and others just got way funnier!

I first read about RiffTrax on The Daily Bleat (Lileks and Nelson are friends) and headed right over. The only riff available at the time was Roadhouse, so I put Roadhouse in our greencine queue, and kind of forgot about it. Well, the movie arrived here last week so I headed back to RiffTrax to purchase and download the commentary, and found that there are many more movies to chose from now, including Fellowship of the Ring, The Matrix, and X-Men.

We watched Roadhouse, with the RiffTrax commentary, last night. It was wonderful! The movie is so, so, delightfully bad, and the commentary track worked perfectly and was truly hilarious. And the mp3 commentary track is DRM-free, yay MIke!

We hope to try another of the RiffTrax soon — probably Fellowship — how can we resist? If you’re a fan of humorously bad movies, and/or MST3K, I highly recommend trying a RiffTrax commentary track! At least go watch some of the samples. (Note: Roadhouse is definitely not suitable for children, good lord, no. It was almost not suitable for ME.)

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  1. Kristin

    Hmm…interesting idea.

    Kara, looks like you have a typo in your URL. You’re missing an a in there :)

  2. kara

    Ooo thanks, fixed it.

  3. Erik from RiffTrax

    Glad you enjoyed Road House – it’s definitely a favorite! And of course one of Mike’s personal favorites of the bad movie genre.

    Thanks for spreading the word and feel free to drop by the forum anytime. Happy riffing!

  4. kara

    Hi Erik,
    Thanks for dropping by! Looking forward to watching the Fellowship of the Rings riff this weekend :)

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