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Somehow I got enough sleep last night, not sure how that happened. It poured rain all morning, very cozy. I hemmed Henry’s cloak while watching several episodes of the Antiques Roadshow, and Dan worked on his helicopter. When the rain stopped I ran out and bought groceries, and then cleaned the fridge (yuck) and the whole kitchen. Made a humongous thing of pasta for dinner so there will be leftovers tomorrow night.

I read chapter 4 of Silver on the Tree to Henry for bedtime. I guess I only read that book once, a very long time ago, because I don’t really remember it at all. I’m happy that there are several scenes about the big happy Stanton family. I wish the author would write a non-fantasy book about the rest of the Stantons!

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  1. Aaron

    That series of books is one of the best series and although it’s written for kids, reading it as an adult is just as good of an experience.


  2. kara

    I agree completely. Marvelous series. I read the first three books over and over as a child and still found them fresh, rich, and interesting when I read them to Henry. The Grey King was excellent but I guess I liked it a little less so I didn’t read it so many times when I was young. Probably because it’s so very sad. And the ending felt rather sudden and anti-climactic…

    Cooper’s use of language and imagery is really extraordinary. Yum!

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