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My Jawoll Sock Yarn comes with a little tube of fine matching nylon yarn with which to reinforce the toes and heels, very handy — but the thing is, you gotta remember to use the yarn when you make the toes and heels :) I was turning the heel of my second sock today and thinking, hmm, why does this look different from the first sock? And then I realized why, heheh. So I ripped the whole heel flap back, picked up the reinforcing yarn, and re-knit the heel during Henry’s karate class.

Busy day… Dress rehearsal for Henry’s play from 10-11:30 while I went to B&N in Escondido to get a new Moleskine notebook for Dan, then over to Encinitas for Henry’s Math Club (they graphed candy, I think), then home by way of Staples, who didn’t have what we needed. Then I lay down and rested for an hour and made a salad to go with the leftover pasta I planned for dinner, then piano student, then karate, then home by way of Target to look for a pack of Valentines, but they were sold out of everything nice so we decided to make our own. After dinner we cut pretty patterned origami paper into 2×3 rectangles, and wrote Valentine’s greetings on them. We needed 34 but it didn’t take too long. Finished “What If You Met A Knight,” by Jan Adkins, for bedtime, very good book!

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  1. Chris Hughes

    Are you a card-maker generally, Kara? I am involved with paper crafting in my business life, but was led to believe that the USA was much more into scrapbooking and memory albums. Here, its mostly card-making, which suits my business fine!

  2. kara

    Oh, I always make all our Christmas cards, and usually birthday cards too. I don’t understand the scrapbooking craze… the craft stores are just cramful of fancy paper, punches, stickers, stamps, and whatnot. In my opinion the results are pretty dreadful most of the time :) I prefer nice plain photos stuck in a nice plain album.

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