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Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! Hope you spent it with your sweetie.

This morning Henry and I drove down to the UCSD Medical Center in Hillcrest so they could fit me with a Holter Monitor. It took longer to figure out the parking garage payment system that to actually get the monitor stuck on me! Heheh. Then, since we were already so far south, we stopped by the zoo for a little while, said hi to Sunny the Komodo Dragon and walked around the reptile area looking at Galapagos Tortoises and crocodiles and turtles and lizards and things. Then home. We took our Grammar and Math books with us and Henry did a few pages while we were driving. Um… when we got home I rested and did housework and Henry played with piano student siblings, then I taught and took him to karate, then home for dinner etc. Dan and I watched another episode of Survivor All-Stars on my laptop tonight yay! It’s the most soothing before-bed TV there is.

Driving around in Hillcrest reminded me what a very nice place to live that was.

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  1. terah

    Hope you enjoyed the Holter! Maybe you’ll be lucky and have symptoms while connected. I got to wear one several years back & of course was perfectly normal while on it. At least John got some interesting pictures! :-)

  2. kara

    Heh, nope, felt completely normal all day. :) Figures! I guess they might spot something funny anyway, I don’t know. It was hard to sleep that night ’cause I sleep on my stomach and am so thin that the things dug into me uncomfortably. And my skin still hurts where the nurse roughed it up with sandpaper! Ow.

  3. Christine

    You could ask about getting a trans-telephonic cardiac monitor. Usually they let you keep it for one month and you wear it as much as you can during the month, and just press a button when you have symptoms. It records your heart rhythm and then you transmit the recording over the telephone. The yield is generally a lot higher than with holter monitors, I think.

  4. kara

    Hmm, interesting. I guess I should check into that, though I’d prefer not to think about it :)

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