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I slept horribly last night and I’m tired and headachey today. BAH. And I felt so good yesterday. It’s very frustrating. Henry’s best friend, Fargo, has come for a visit and the boys are playing nicely, as usual. I took them to Henry’s Mythology and Musical Theater classes and was too tired to drive all the way home and back, so I sat in the car knitting and listening to Loveline for a couple of hours. I’ve started a blue sock for Henry and a Tubey for me! Photos soon (hahaha do you believe me???)

Dinner will be simple tonight. I’ve got an extra burger that I cooked last night, for Dan, and I’ll make that rice medley again (I think both boys will eat it) and steam some broccoli and throw together a salad. I was going to make those awesome burrito things that I learned from Hugh but that takes too much energy, so maybe tomorrow :)

Piano student soon.

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  1. Christine

    HI Kara,
    Sorry to hear your not feeling well…. wish you were here with us in Montreal so Hugh could cook you some of those yummy burritos! And you wouldn’t believe how much snow there is. The day before you were supposed to arrive we got 60cm and we got another big snowfall a few days ago. Unfortunately I’ve been either sick with a cold or working too much to take advantage — the snowshoes haven’t even gotten out of the basement yet!
    And my knitting is not advancing very far. I’m making Hugh a nice warm alapaca scarf in a honeycomb cable which is nice and thick but is taking forever (and a lot of yarn!!). I’m a little afraid to move beyond scarves without guidance, but I found this pattern for a child’s sweater that looks like it might be so easy that even I can manage it on my own. Here’s the pattern:
    I’ve read it though and I think I actually understand the whole thing! What do you think? I figured it was smarter to begin with a child’s sweater so I can get the hang of things before trying to make one for Hugh and running into heartbreak and frustration. Anyway, I’ll give it a try once this scarf is done and we’ll see what happens…
    Take care

  2. kara

    That is a darling little sweater, and should be quick and easy to make. Go for it! And after that, I’d suggest doing another baby sweater in a more traditional style, to get used to some more techniques before making a Hugh-sized one. You could do a top-down one with raglan sleeves, all in one piece. Like this one: Henry’s Little Sweater which I made following the guidelines in “Knitting From The Top.” If you don’t own that book yet, you will in about 5 weeks ;-)

    I have a phobia about knitting lots of separate pieces and then seaming them together, but it can be done, if that sounds more tempting… :)

  3. Annie

    Ooo, do post pictures of the Tubey!

  4. christine

    Love Henry’s little sweater — but a zipper seems awfully advanced!
    I started the “easy child’s sweater” and it is going swimmingly.

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