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March Madness

Still under the weather: runny nose, cough, etc. But it’s not too bad. The little girl next door is slightly sick, too, and stayed home from school today. She and Henry played together for HOURS while I did LibriVox work. We had a new collaborative recording of The Autobiography of Mother Jones recorded, proofed, and edited, ready to catalog. The ID3 tags were a disaster, so I downloaded all 27 files to my macbook and fixed the tags in iTunes while spot checking sound quality and making sure all files had a proper beginning and ending. I knew nothing about the book but listening to bits and pieces here and there got me interested, and I’ll probably listen to the whole thing soon. That makes four books I’ve cataloged in three days! Our March Madness Jamboree, an attempt to get some older projects finished up to make room for new ones, is a roaring success — we’ve cataloged about ten new books in the last week. You can subscribe to our New Releases feed and enjoy the madness!

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  1. Kristin

    Phew, I’m sorry the ID3 tags were such a mess. That part I dont’ enjoy so much.

  2. kara

    Yeah, fixing them in the validator is kind of a pain, with all the extra mouse-clicks. I’m just going to do messy projects in iTunes from now on. Much quicker.

  3. a Fan

    10 minutes ago I decided to pause between chapters of my downloaded copy of ‘The Little Princess’ (c/o LibriVox) and check out the website of the talented and engaging narrator! I listened to you from time to time during my journey with ‘Emma’ (c/o Project Guttenberg) and was happy to discover that you had a few full narrations out there for me to enjoy. It’s so wonderful to listen to a story being told with enthusiasm and feeling, rather than the emotionless deadpan you so often find. You make my workday afternoons ever so much more enjoyable! Hope you get over your cold and feel better soon!
    -a fan-

  4. kara

    Thank you so much for the sweet comments! I’m glad you’re enjoying A Little Princess. It’s one of my all-time favorite books. Happy listening!

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