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I’ve just discovered a very handy little utility for OS X: Paparazzi. It takes screenshots of entire webpages. I found it because one of our LibriVox admins was having trouble accessing a very lengthy password-protected page of cataloging instructions. She double-checked the password, rebooted, cleared the cache and cookies, etc. but the darn thing just wouldn’t let her in. So I googled “full page screenshot OS X” and the very first result led me to Paparazzi. Downloaded, installed, ran, took the screenshot, emailed it to the LibriVoxer. The entire process, from from deciding to try to find a webpage screenshot utility to making a post telling her to check her email, took four minutes. FOUR MINUTES! I love the interweb.

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  1. Kristin

    I was wondering how you did that. I found a Firefox extension that does something similar called ScreenGrab!

  2. kara

    Oooh that sounds handy too. Having it as a browser extension would save time.

  3. Ann Bryant

    Hi, Kara ~ You don’t know me ~ but I’m getting to know you, I guess! I like your postings! I’ve just finished downloading “A Princess of Mars”, and I sure do think what you guys are doing is wonderful! I’m in a pretty much housebound situation with not much money spared for entertainment, so finding was like a gift! I have a question on one of the chapters, though, and don’t seem to be able to contact LibriVox thru the “info@” or anything, and since I’d come and read your posts a few times, I figured I’d see if you could answer my question. On Chapter 04, I don’t seem to get the whole thing. I’m on a very slow dial-up, and a download can take over 2 hours at the 128kbps, but the rest have made it ok. That one I’ve done twice … I am listening to the first and last minutes to make sure I’m getting the whole file (but not ruining the book for listening) and it appears that there’s a para missing at the end, and no “end of chapter 4”. Can you tell if that’s the way it’s been cataloged, or if it must be my setup? Hated to bother you, but didn’t know where else to go! Thanks a bunch for your time. ~ Ann

  4. kara

    Hi Ann! So happy you’re enjoying the audiobooks! I’m glad you thought to ask me about chapter four. I’m looking into it right now and will get back to you in a few minutes :)

  5. kara

    Hi again Ann — I’ve just emailed you but thought I’d post here as well. Chapter four is indeed complete, but the reader doesn’t announce “end of chapter four”. I sent you a few suggestions to try in case your file does not end with the text “The thing was about the size of a Shetland pony, but its head bore a slight resemblance to that of a frog, except that the jaws were equipped with three rows of long, sharp tusks.” which is the last sentence of the chapter. Happy listening!

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