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Henry and I got too worn-out yesterday at the civil war, I guess, ’cause we both felt a little bit worse again today. But it was a nice day, warm and sunny, so we opened up all the doors and windows and the house filled up with fresh air. I played Zelda for a while, and then Henry played for the rest of the day, and got all the bomb bag upgrades and quiver upgrades and bottles and things. Henry also worked on learning Flash, a bit, and I upgraded my wordpress installation (finally) and added another year and a half of old blog pages to the new archive. Click the archive link on the right and you can see for yourself! I’m all the way up through 2002. I discovered that Smultron will strip out tabs and line endings, which made the whole process of pasting old entries into new posts much much easier.

Dan found a great and highly addictive game: which I played for a long time today, and I’ve also been playing a lot at My current favorite is Counterfeit. Great site!

Oh, I forgot to mention — last night we watched last Tuesday’s episode of House, and it was a good one, the one where everyone thinks House has brain cancer.

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  1. Betsie

    oooh, thank you for the gamesforthebrain link… I love it so far! =) … the other one looks sooo addictive that I’m going to wait to try it =) … if you haven’t discovered it yet, you’ll also like

  2. Michelle

    Did you totally think he was going to walk AWAY from the restaurant at the end? I was so surprised when he put his hand on the door and looked like he was going to walk in! I had just said to Ken, “Yeah, like he’s going to go in…he never learns!”

  3. kara

    Oooo braingle looks good! I’m puzzling over the Daily Teaser :)

  4. kara

    Michelle, if he went in he probably just sat there thinking superior thoughts about everyone, or diagnosing them in his mind or something. :)

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