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Brooke and Adam came to play today, so I got some housework done. I’ve only got three more chapters of The Story of the Middle Ages to record, and I tried twice today to record the next chapter (after the kids went home, before karate, while Henry was sitting quietly doing some math) but the house erupted in a great noise explosion both times so I only got a few minutes recorded. I planned to finish that chapter tonight after Henry was tucked in, but there was loud piano music going on until nearly ten and now I’m far too tired. But there are still three more days of March so I might still get it done for LibriVox’s March Madness event! I will certainly try. We’ve cataloged 52 new works so far this month, beating our old record of 38. We might make it to 60!

Henry traded in two old DS games he didn’t need anymore and bought a used copy of Nintendogs. He’s really enjoying it. Looks like one I might need to try, too :)

Oh! Sound Studio tech support finally sent me a link to version 3.0.5 — the version that does everything I need it to do without crashing. So now I can record, filter, and edit without running two separate copies of the program.

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  1. Chris Hughes

    Nintendogs may contribute to a noise problem – when my lass started out with it the sound of her shouting ‘ROVER – SIT!’ resounded through the house. Nice game though.

  2. kara

    Henry named his little pup “Kaytie” so now we’re constantly hearing “Kaytie! Sit down! Come here Kaytie! Come here Kaytie!” just as if there were a real dog in the house.

    It seems like a charming game! The puppy animations are adorable. I think your lass and my lad would get along fine together :)

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