Mastodon Poetry is meant to be listened to. —

Poetry is meant to be listened to.

LibriVox in a NYC art gallery:,-Listen-2007.html

Books are meant to be touched.

Poetry is meant to be listened to.

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  1. Eve

    First I would like to commend you for sharing one of the best gifts anyone could ever give-the joy of reading and sharing that information with others. Recently, I made the change from reading books to listening to audiobooks and podcasts and realized this also comes in handy when my 1 year old is in the car. I read to her every day so it is of no surprise she enjoys audiobooks as well.

    I have a blog and a group called Totally babies and kids at (a deal hunting social community ) where I post kids freebies and other related information from which I linked to your site. I will continue to spread the word of your wonderful site! Thank you again!

  2. kara

    It is my pleasure, Eve — glad to hear you’re enjoying my reading! :) I also have read to my 11-year-old son every day since he was a tiny baby. It’s a wonderful gift to give your child.

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