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Still working on improving the kitchen. Scrubbed the cupboard doors today, and moved the baking supplies from the high cupboard to the tall cupboard, where they’re much easier to reach.

I recorded my chapter of Emily Post’s “Etiquette” (The Country House and Its Hospitality). Now I know how we should have behaved in Canada! Heheh. Mostly, though, I learned what Christine and Hugh, as the Hostess and Host, should have done. She should have had her housemaid unpack my things (quietly providing anything I’d forgotten) and draw my bath every morning and bring me a breakfast tray (all the china MUST MATCH!) and provide me with a tin of Pyro for my curling iron. LOL. And Hugh’s valet should have unpacked Dan’s things and taken his hat and stick and drawn his bath (hot, warm, or cold — aided by a thermometer). Gentlemen, of course, rarely care to breakfast in their rooms, so Christine’s cook and waitress should have provided an ongoing breakfast downstairs, ready at whatever moment Dan chose to eat. Boy. Those were Other Times, indeed. :)

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  1. Betsie

    Oh, this is classic! I’m so looking forward to reading a portion of this book too. I’m so glad you had a nice time visiting Hugh and Christine. What a treat! =)

  2. kara

    It was a real treat indeed :)

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