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Do you Twitter? Let me know, maybe we can be friends.

If you’re an OS X user, try Twitterrific. Very handy.

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  1. Eugene

    Hi, Kara
    It’s Eugene again. I have a question.
    Are you planning to record sometime something about american history?

  2. Ken Crandall

    Hi Kara,

    I’m Michelle’s husband (your LibriVox friend, and fellow Wii owner). I twitter — look for me @ KenCrandall there. :-)

  3. Chris Hughes

    I would like to twitter, but my life is dull, so that I am waiting for someone to start a similar site called There, members will only have to record deviations from established routine. And if they do so, they will be instantly expelled.

  4. kara

    Chris — yeah i have a lot of “making dinner” “reading to Henry” entries :)
    Ken – Thanks!
    Eugene — Yes, I think both Henrietta Marshall and Samuel Harding have children’s history books about US history. I plan to start one soon.

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