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If there’s a piece of music more perfect than the third movement of J.S. Bach’s Italian Concerto, I’d like to know what it is.

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  1. chris hughes

    I’ll see your Italian Concerto, and raise it:

    The Erbarme Dich aria from JS Bach’s St Matthew’s Passion.

  2. kara

    “Not available in the US”. What does THAT tell you… Uncultured louts, we are. I’m sure we have the St. M. Passion in this house on CD somewhere — I’ll listen to Erbarme Dich today and get back to you :)

  3. chris hughes

    While you’re looking, see your chosen piece being recorded by the great Glenn Gould here:

    He is amazing.

  4. kara

    Thanks, Chris, my mom and I both enjoyed that immensely. Still looking for the Passion :)

  5. Michael Sirois

    I’m a real fan of Bach’s 6 Cello Suites. You can listen to all six of them streamed from Magnatune here.


  6. kara

    Yes, the cello suites can’t be beat. Thanks for the link — going to listen while I make breakfast! (easier than hunting down the cd, heheh) My sister is a cellist so these always make me think of her.

  7. kara

    LOL — “Magnatune: We Are Not Evil”
    Great slogan. It seems to be true!

  8. Jonathan Burchard


    I reckon that “Wie Stark ist nicht dein zauberton from Mozart’s Die Zauberflote takes some beating. When Tamino Plays the Magic Flute and the Animals come out to listen, it is quite, err, magic(!) LOL Here is a youtube link to that…..and unfortunately the part where the animals come out is not emphasized as much in this production as in others I have watched.

    It is pretty long but the tenor is exquisite.

  9. kara

    Hi Jonathan! Thanks so much for the link. Die Zauberfloete is my very favorite opera. I used to own the Bergman version on a betamax tape :) And I have a wonderful 4-LP set which stars Lucia Popp as Queen of the Night — she’s awesome! I think one of the most beautiful parts is the Papageno/Pamina duet.

    But still, I think Bach wins :)

  10. kara

    Hey Jonathan — do you happen to know of a good CD recording of Die Zauberfloete, sung in German, WITH the dialogue included?

  11. Jonathan Burchard

    Hey KayRay,

    Not right off hand, but there are a lot of good DVD ones available on Ebay, (and cheap) and I will go for that LONG before I go for anymore CDs of Opera.

    My Uncle lives in Mission San Luis Rey off El Camino Real at MIssion St. We stayed at Best Western on Mission over New Years 2004-2005.

    My wife and I saw a production in English here in Perth last November.


    (Listening to PRide and PRejudice a lot and soon to send in a recording of Man from Snowy River.)

  12. Jonathan Burchard

    Kara, has a plethora of recordings of Die Zauberflote, and gives you the ability to listen to samples of each recording. It’s a pretty good system. I wish for things like that that I lived in the US, because books and CDS are so much more expensive here than they are there. (If you hadn’t guessed I am an American in Perth)

  13. Jonathan Burchard

    Like Lucia Popp? Here is a new link which I think you will find pleasing.

    It is also my favorite scene from the Shawshank Redemption…

  14. Jonathan Burchard

    Here’s another….

  15. kara

    I know which Shawshank scene it is without even clicking :) Lovely. I didn’t know that was Lucia singing!

    A DVD of Magic Flute is a good idea — that would surely have the dialogue included. Now to find one performed entirely in German, well-conducted, well-sung, with good sets and costumes…

  16. kara

    AH! It’s NOT the scene from the movie — a real performance, even better. Oh, WHAT a treat, thank you so much :)

  17. kara

    Ah, and Der Hoelle Rache is the very one from my LP :)

  18. Jonathan Burchard

    There is another one of S’ull aria performed by Bartoli and Fleming, and the debate on You Tube is: Which one is better? I tried to play them at the same time in two separate windoows to see if I could synch them, but they were a few milliseconds off. Sounded like they were singing in a round, LOL. Back to the debate – people have resorted to name calling, which is not my style. Both performances are magic. UNfortunately I haven’t been able to find the video of “Wie Stark, etc” I wanted to show you. Oh well. WIll keep looking.

    Bartoli and Fleming.

    WHat is your proper email? That way we can write without the whole world seeing what we write.

    I started listening to MAnsfield PArk from Librivox last night, and chapters 3 and 4 (I think) are cut short. I know you do editing and stuff, so you might want to look into that.

  19. Jonathan Burchard

    HEre is a rather unusual performance of Der Holle Rache.

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