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I slept well last night! Had enough energy to bake banana bread and vacuum and mop the upstairs part of the house. And I did a little cataloging job for Cori (The Philosophy of Style by Herbert Spencer) Also played WoW with Henry, also made chicken parm for dinner — a Dan and Henry favorite. Dan brought me a wireless mouse which is very convenient for gaming on my macbook.

Oh, forgot to say – yesterday I recorded/edited/proofed all the rest of chapter 27 of Etiquette, which was so long we divided it into 5 sections. Go team kayray!

Reading Book Two of The Fellowship to Henry for bedtime, so he’ll have both halves in mp3. I read the entire book to him on tape several years ago, and then, when the tapes started to go bad, read the first half again into my computer, but then we went on to other things and never finished the second round.

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  1. amy

    hi kay ray, i want to thank you! ive been listening to various librivox recordings everyday while working, i enjoy listening to your perfect reading. your are probably my favorite, thank you!

  2. kara

    Thanks, Amy, that’s so nice to hear :)

  3. Cassandra

    *sigh* I love banana bread. Now i feel like running off to make some, but alas, i am too busy with end-of-high-school stuff. oh well. ^_^


  4. Cassandra

    Whoa, i just saw your “Homeschooling” category on the side. Do you homeschool your kids? I’m about to graduate from homeschool myself with a diploma program.


  5. kara

    Yup! And I was homeschooled, too, back in the Dawn of Time.

    How did you find me? I noticed a mention of Robinson Crusoe on your blog… were you looking for a free audio book? You’ve come to the right place! :)

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