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Men Like Meat

Yesterday I recorded chapter 26 of Etiquette AND chapter 3 of More William. Today I edited/proofed/uploaded those chapters and also did some cataloging. We can now offer you free audio books of Gulliver’s Travels and Stalky & Co. :) Enjoy!

Also fixed Daneesha’s 8th grade graduation dress in the morning, taught two piano students, finished my green and orange socks (photos soon) and made scalloped potatoes for dinner, plus burgers for the guys. Men Like Meat.

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4 Responses to “Men Like Meat”

  1. Michelle

    To quote one of my favorite Jack-in-the-Box ads of all time:

    “Boys? Boys like meat.”

  2. kara

    Lol, I don’t remember that one :)

  3. Michelle

    Oh, that ad was so funny…Young Jack asked his Dad Jack, “Why are boys and girls different?” Dad, obviously nervous that this is the start of the birds-and-the-bees talk, answered something along the lines of “Girls like unicorns and puppies, and they dance all day and wear ribbons in their hair, and they like butterflies and ruffles…”, you get the idea. Then he followed up with, “Boys? Boys like meat.” By the time he’s done with his explanation, Young Jack has gone all glassy-eyed and is completely engaged in a new subject. Oh, I loved that one…

  4. kara

    That is too hilarious! I love that ad campaign.

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