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Been feeling horrible the last few days, so haven’t done much of interest. Last weekend we built a little recording booth in the bedroom, on this funky little built-in shelf. I never record in the bedroom because of the server noise, but I put padding all around the walls of the little shelf thing and use my 10-band eq to get rid of the low-frequency server rumble, and it sounds really good. When I feel better I’ll be able to get lots of recording done.

Today finally felt well enough to DO something, so I took H to the aerospace museum and we had a great time. Exhausting but worth it, to look at planes and space stuff with Henry. I really love that museum.

Watched House tonight — Wilson on speed was MOST entertaining.

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  1. Michelle

    Oh, the aerospace museum is so much fun! Kenny hasn’t been to San Diego yet, but he has a T-shirt from there (from Grandma & Grandpa’s reunion trip for the Midway last year) and he is going to love it when we finally get there.

    Hope you start feeling better soon. There are many more horrid letters to be recorded. ;-) (I hope that makes you laugh and NOT want to kill me!)

  2. kara

    The museum has some new cool stuff — a little two-seat plane, a real one, that kids can climb into and “take for a test flight”! I’ll bet Kenny will love that :) And the REAL Apollo 9 Command Module that you can look right into. Amazing. I get all choked up every time I go there. So many brave people.

    Lol at the horrid letters! I think I only have about 12 left, so at least it seems possible that I’ll come to the end of them someday :)

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