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Tooth prize

Henry had a dental check-up/cleaning today — no cavities! So we made a little trip to the bookstore for a treat, and I bought him the Dragonriders of Pern trilogy, all in one volume.

Then we came home, worked on subtracting decimals for a while, did chores, and then played WoW for a while. And then I drove him to his dad’s house in San Diego — 2.5 hour round trip, bleah.

Tonight Dan and I watched the new Northanger Abbey, which was just delightful. Great cast, great screenplay, great costuming. I wish it had been longer, though :) I can hardly wait until it’s released on DVD! I hope they have some interviews with the cast and everything.

And then we watched Quiz Show, another great movie!

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  1. Rachel (from LV)

    HOW did you watch the new Northanger Abbey? Oh, I’m so envious! It’s not on DVD yet, is it?

  2. kara

    I’ll email you :)

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