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“Child’s First Sock in Shell Pattern” from Knitting Vintage Socks, by Nancy Bush. Jawoll sock yarn, skinny little needles (maybe 1.25mm?), 64st around, my size. I’m going to enter these in the Fair this summer. I finished the knitting months ago and hid them away in my drawer so they’d still be in good condition for the Fair. Finally blocked them yesterday :) When the Fair is over (July 5) I’ll finally get to wear them.



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  1. Kristin

    I saw this pattern in the book, and liked it too. The heel looks really interesting. I haven’t looked at it in detail yet. Is it just a variation of a heel stitch (k1, sl1)?

  2. kara

    Oh, the heel is nothing special, just basic heel stitch. I picked this pattern because I knew that I wouldn’t have to change it to fit me — 64st in sock yarn is just right. Heheh. Most of the patterns in the book are on like 80 stitches or whatever, and will require serious re-working to fit my skinny little feet.

  3. Michelle

    What Fair?

  4. kara

    Our County Fair, the San Diego Fair (formerly, and forever in my family, known as the Del Mar Fair)

    We LOVE the fair!

    I won second place in the Home and Hobby show with a crocheted afghan one year, and last year got a third place ribbon with a knitted lace shrug (based on’s “I Do” shrug). Hoping for another prize, but not counting on it — I’ll bet there will be a lot of magnificent socks this year.

  5. Michelle

    Oh, Ken LOVES the Del Mar Fair! He has some wonderful memories of it that he recounts often and in detail. =) You go win it!

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