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What makes google so cool? Here’s a new service they’re working on:

I just used it to get the number of my local GameStop. It worked like a charm. The googlebot operator was helpful, polite, and spoke perfect English. He understood my request, and was willing to connect me to any one of 11 GameStop stores. As it turned out, the very first one was the nearest, and he connected me right away. For free. Chew on that, Phone Company!

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  1. Dan Parsons

    Your post didn’t make this clear – so for whoever is reading this – 800-GOOG-411 is 100% computer automated. The operator she spoke to was a computer, not a human. I’ve used it too, and it works BETTER than the humans you talk to at regular 411.

  2. Michelle

    I have been using GOOG411 for about a month now…I FREAKIN’ LOVE IT! I love the actual voice they have recorded saying “beepbeep boop beep be-boop beep boop” while it’s searching for your listing.

  3. bob pieciak

    Off Topic….

    Just wanted to say that I really like listening to your readings. Long live Librivox!

  4. kara

    Thanks, Bob!

  5. bob pieciak

    I’m thinking about trying my voice at it. Any hints?

  6. kara

    Start small — try our Weekly Poetry Project, or record any public domain (pre-1923) poem for the Poetry Collection (both threads are in the Short Works section of the librivox forum. Ask for feedback on your technical quality — our most common newbie problems are too-quiet volume and computer hum. After you’re certain that your recording set-up is good (and that you enjoy recording) just choose a chapter of any of our collaborative books in the Readers Wanted area and have fun! :)

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