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Sweater Musings

So. I’m just about ready to rip out my bpt sweater and re-knit the lovely red Brown Sheep yarn into something better. I’d like to make the Perfect Sweater, of course, so I’m going to jot down some notes to keep things clear in my mind while I design it.

New sweater must be:

  • top-down, all one piece. Maybe a new and different shaping, not just plain raglan. Will investigate options in Knitting from the Top
  • cardigan, button-front
  • somewhat coat-like (hip-length, not tight)
  • not v-neck. Maybe crew, maybe shawl collar, maybe standing collar
  • Not too plain, not too fancy. Maybe a little cabling, but not overboard (not aran, heheh)
  • double-knit button bands and hems! No ribbing! Awesome tute here!
  • Work increases into cables, somehow? (thanks, Kristin!)

I’m going to look through my Barbara Walker books for cabling inspiration. Maybe a nice panel down the back and either side of the front? I like those diamond-shaped cables with seed stitch in the middle of the diamonds… And of course, I still need to rip out the bpt and skein, wash, and ball the yarn before I can get started. Hmm, maybe I’ll finish my orange Monkey sock first :)

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  1. Kristin

    I have this vision of a cable going down the back, and if your shaping flares a little at the waist (not sure what your silhouette is) the cable widens with the flare, or splits down the middle to create a triangle on the bottom. When I read “nice panel down the back” that’s what I saw :)

  2. kara

    My silhouette is boyish, but I think I should flare it a bit, to make sure it’s coat-like enough. I love the idea of working the increases into the cables!

  3. Annie

    Ooo, very exciting! It sounds like you know what you want and by the time you get started I imagine you’ll have it all planned and charted out just so. ;) Can’t wait to see it!

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