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Stretchy Hairband

I spotted this cute pattern on Ravelry (sorry, still in beta but public soon!) yesterday, dug up my leftover Cascade Fixation, and whipped one up. I love it! I skipped the pocket. I don’t really need a pocket on my head, heheh.

Quick instructions:
use a STRETCHY yarn like Cascade Fixation. Cast on 15. Work in garter stitch, or use a simple lace pattern. I used a Gull Wing pattern as suggested by Ravelry user BethBlueRoom. I worked 22 reps of the lace pattern, then bound off as follows:

Put the cast-on edge behind the left-hand needle. With the right needle, knit the first stitch along with the first loop on the cast-on edge. Repeat with the second stitch, then lift the first newly-knitted stitch over the second. I figure this will be easier to undo than sewing if the band stretches out over time and needs to be shortened a bit.




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  1. Amy

    Love it!! How much of a ball of Cascade Fixation do you think you used? I’ve got lots of leftovers from socks….wondering if I can use them up this way.

  2. kara

    I can tell you EXACTLY how much, thanks to our handy digital gram scale ;-) My finished band weighs 11.5 grams, so I’d allow 14 or so, in case your head is bigger than mine. Or maybe 20 if you want the pocket like the original pattern. I have plenty of this red leftover — want to swap?

  3. Betsie

    Kara! Love this idea… about how long was your band (unstretched) before you did the two needle bind off? I too have some fixation left over from sock projects that I was wondering what to do with =)

  4. Amy

    Kara – sadly, I only have red on hand….or the leftover scraps. I need a digital gram scale!! I might just have enough!!
    Off to photograph my stash for Ravelry – unless I end up on the couch knitting…again….all day… ;)

  5. kara

    Betsie — It’s about 16″ long unstretched, and 22.5″ on my head. I kept stretching it firmly while knitting, to break it in a bit. I stopped knitting when it would reach around my head when stretched quite vigorously but not, you know, violently :) What colors of Fixation do you have? Want to swap for some red?

  6. Kathy

    What a great thing to knit, Kara!!! It looks so cute on you, too!

  7. Dan


  8. Betsie

    I have peach and a brownish-stripey one…and I think I have a little bit of green but not enough of any of them for a whole one… (the peach and the stripey one are in the middle of being made into socks still)

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