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Fargo is here!

This morning we drove up to Laguna Niguel to pick up Henry’s very best friend in the whole world, Fargo. He’s a year and a half younger than Henry but mature for his age and a great reader, loves to draw, loves Led Zeppelin, Rush, Journey, Foreigner (lol, could be a lot worse), loves dragons and adventure and Naruto and pretending and books books books. He and Henry are two of a kind. They’ve been friends for, gosh, three or four years I guess. We used to live in the same apartment complex, but even now that his family has moved up north we still get to see Fargo several times a year.

When we got home the boys spent a couple of hours swimming, and then played in the house for a while, and then swam, and then we went to Karate, and then they swam until bedtime. Heheh. Our living room looks out on the pool through a sliding door, so I can sit in here indoors and knit and make sure they don’t drown. That pool is an expensive pain in the butt most of the year, but for the two or three months that it’s warm enough, it makes great kid entertainment.

I’m still recovering from a slight sunburn I got on Saturday so I didn’t get much done today, but I did catalog two more free audio books for LibriVox:

The Dhammapada, tr. by F. Max Mueller
Through the Looking-Glass, by Lewis Carroll

Also made potato-cheese soup for dinner, yum! And Dan and I finished the BSG miniseries tonight. Mmmmmmm good sci-fi! We’ll start Season One tomorrow, most likely. Oh, but there should be a new Foyle’s War in the TiVo so that might take priority!

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6 Responses to “Fargo is here!”

  1. Chloe

    Is the pool being heated? Or are they just going in it cold?

  2. kara

    It’s not being heated but the kids say it is warm enough for grownups! I think it’s true… they’re in for hours and never turn blue. Come up and swim :)

  3. Kristin

    Ohh, potato cheese soup!

    Man, I burn easily, that’s no fun having a sunburn.

  4. kara

    Kristin, yeah I burn in moments. We bought some sun protection clothing (hats, shirts) from and tested them out with a noon beach walk… mistake! The sun reflected up off the ground and attacked my face. But with sunscreen on underneath I probably would have been fine, and even as it was the burn was much less severe than it would have been without any protection. I hate sunscreen SO MUCH. Sigh.

  5. Chloe

    Unfortunately we have gigs today and tomorrow, but maybe if it’s still really hot on Thursday or Friday

  6. kara

    Come up anytime you like :)

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