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Happy 4th

It was cloudy and cold in the morning so we played some Wii sports, and then I worked on cataloging a big messy awful librivox project while the boys watched Modern Marvels (all about cheese!) but the sun came out later so the boys swam and swam and swam. After dinner Henry and I taught Fargo how to play Settlers of Catan. He caught on really fast and we all had a lot of fun. Henry said it reminded him of fun times in Montreal.

At night Dan and I watched the first episode of the first season of BSG and I started knitting a Judy Gibson string bag:


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  1. Annie

    Ooo, I love that blue! I may have to do this project eventually.

  2. kara

    Thanks! I actually prefer the look of this bag: but I started the Judy Gibson one because there’s no sewing — however, I just thought of a way to make a more rectangular bag with no sewing, so I think I might rip this one back and try again.

  3. Geo

    What a gorgeous color. I like your second string bag pattern better as well—looks like fun to work.

    Rip it good!

  4. kara

    Hahaha, now I’ve got “Rip it! Rip it good!” playing in my mind to the tune of Devo’s Whip It! And, I did rip it and v. 2.0 is much better. Photos soon.

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