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I didn’t get to sleep till around 3am, was woken up by noise at 6am, went back to sleep, sorta, and had dreams about being woken up, and then was woken up again by even more noise at 8am. Got Henry up, took him to karate, did errands, came home, put the food away, made breakfast for Henry, did housework, dealt with electricity problems — turned out to be a faulty outlet in the kitchen. A nice old man electrician came and fixed it for me.

This afternoon Henry and I watched the Rifftrax of The Fellowship. Funny stuff, and a pleasant way to pass a tired afternoon :)

Also finished my horrid string bag modification. I’d rather not show you a photo. Let’s just put it out of our minds. Oh all right, if you insist…

Looks pretty nice laid flat:

But wretched in use:

Henry thinks it’s nice, so I’ll give it to him for a laundry bag or something. Bleah.

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  1. Annie

    Oh, it’s not so bad! That is some seriously stretchy yarn though. Maybe some modifications to the pattern?

  2. kara

    Yeah except the yarn is cotton and has no stretch at all — it’s the lace that’s stretchy! So I suppose I should have made the thing 8 inches deep and like 20 inches wide, but I don’t enjoy working with all-cotton yarn OR big needles (11s are like telephone poles, for pete’s sake), so I won’t be trying again anytime soon :)

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